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Dear Fellow Marketer,

You have a product, and you want to sell it on the web or through direct response advertising. Now how do you process orders, support your customers, and fulfill the product, and how can you do all of this professionally with the lowest possible overhead costs?

Well you have two options....

1. One is to build an internal operations infrastructure to support your sales.


2. Hire 
TRAK Services to do it all for you at a fixed cost. No hassles. No investment. And more important no missed opportunities because you are focusing on what you do best.

TRAK Services does not employ a "standard system" for customer service or fulfillment. We create highly tailored Operations Systems specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of each client. No longer do you have mold your business to fit the fulfillment house "system." We will create whatever is needed to best serve your business. In addition, our supervisory staff will actively manage your project. In other words, they fill the same role as that of an Operations Director employed within your company. You will find that the day-to-day interface with us would be no different that the interface you would have with an Ops staff working down the hall...and we provide all this at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

I invite you to look at our services, review the FAQ (frequently asked questions) list I've provided, and then to call me personally if you have any questions or would like me to review your business.


Michael Knorre

P.S. If you already have an established direct response business, it's quite possible we can significantly reduce your operational costs.



P.S.S. If you like, link on over to a few of our current client's websites:

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